We are a young association from Berlin and stand for the promotion of young, urban culture

In August 2017 the first meeting of musicians, painters and skaters took place. Our cultural activities at the Alte Post Spandau were based on these 3 pillars.
In order to realize our self-imposed goals, we founded the non-profit association “Neue urbane Welten e.V.” in 2017. In our work we want to create places and experiences for society that bring people closer to the possibilities of urban life.

In May 2019 our music group took over the project H13, an 18.000m² area for the use as Free-Open-Air Space, Urban Garden, Open-Air Gallery and cultural meeting place. The space is, so to speak, our giant baby, which we look after and care for with devotion and attention to detail. Our volunteer members are working around the clock to build the H13; our motto is: “The maximum of yesterday is the minimum for today!

We are happy about every interested approach that enriches the H13, whether as a member, dancing guest or curious visitor.

Feel free to drop by and leave the daily routine behind in our Spandau oasis!